West Side Story - Sydney Opening Night Reviews

“The former Rob Guest Endowment Award winner Assetta presented a delightful Tony with strong rich vocals that had a purity whilst expressing the passion of the young man who has fallen head over heals with Maria. He ensures that Tony is seen as different and evolved from the group that he founded as the young man seeking a more responsible life but still exhibits a loyalty to his friends” (Broadway World)

“Daniel Assetta, who played Tony put his supple and attractive tenor to great use. The pair of star-crossed lovers have wonderful vocal chemistry.” (Time Out)

Daniel Assetta did a brilliant job in the lead role of Tony. Assetta threw himself so wholeheartedly into the taxing singing part of Tony. (The Daily Telegraph)

Daniel Assetta was solid and his voice blended exceptionally with Salvesani's on the underrated One Hand, One Heart. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Assetta is an accomplished performer whose Tony is hopefully buoyed by the feeling that Something’s Coming. their voices blending beautifully in the touching notes of “Somewhere”and “One Hand One Heart”. (Stage Whispers)

Daniel Assetta was also enjoyable as the leading man. His Tony was zealous, switched on, and itching to move forward in life, a refreshing change from the usual dreamy Tony. (Bach Track)

Let’s start by talking about Daniel Assetta (Tony), Noah Mullins (Riff) and Sophie Salvesani (Maria). They absolutely stole the show! Both Aseetta and Salvesani played each other’s love interests on the day I saw the show (Sunday September 1) and they were the perfect match; not only with playing a couple, but with their singing ability. Watch out for these two. They could be in an opera in the future with their voices. They are well and truly trained for it. (Rave It Up)

Tony (Daniel Assetta) is a particular stand out, his powerful tenor voice blows the audience away with each, perfectly controlled note and emotion portrayed

(Rewrite This History)