A ‘how-to’ guide for surviving life, parents, and sharing the limelight.


Siblingship follows the childhood journey of Daniel and Chiara Assetta, two real-life, all-singing, all-dancing, Italian-Australian siblings. Through classic show tunes and a splash of pop music, this dynamic cabaret explores the ‘rules’ that make the world’s most unique relationship work. Siblingship is a show for everyone who ever fought with, told secrets to, stood up for, laughed and cried with, absolutely couldn’t stand—but always loved and could never live without—their siblings.


Written by Tobias Madden, Daniel Assetta & Chiara Assetta

Directed by Scott Irwin & Danielle Barnes


- The Hayes Theatre Co, Sydney, NSW

- Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne, VIC

- The Q Theatre, Queanbeyan, ACT

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